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Welcome to Parnandi Technology Solutions(PTS) Pvt. Ltd.

PTS aims to be most admired companies globally for Innovative & Research based Products Development with a truly positive end-user experience; at lowest possible cost
  • Malla Reddy: PTS Participated in "MEGA JOB MELA" conducted by Malla Reddy Engineering college.

    18th APR 2015 @ Hyderabad

  • GuruNanak: PTS Sponsored "Rolling Reels" a Short film festival to encourage and support student Entrepreneurship held at Guru Nanak Institutions.

    26th & 27th MAR 2015 @ Hyderabad

  • HYSEA: PTS Participated in HYSEA 23rd Annual Summit & Product Awards.

    11th & 12th MAR 2015 @ Hyderabad

  • Techhub: PTS participated in "Great Tech Rocketships to UK Demo Night".

    12th FEB 2015 @ Hyderabad

  • NASSCOM Product Conclave: PTS Participated in Nasscom Product Conclave .

    OCT 30th & 31st 2014 @ Bengaluru

  • Parnandi Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd (PTS) Honored with Excellence Award for the "Fastest Growing Indian Company" award at the 6th International Achievers Conference, organized in Bangkok, Thailand on Monday, 17th November 2014.

  • Parnandi Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd (PTS) is nominated for the Prestigious "Indian Leadership" award at the All India Achievers Foundation National Seminar and Awards on 6th February 2015 in New Delhi.

  • Parnandi Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd (PTS)Wins the Prestigious "Business Leadership Award for Industrial Development" award from IEDRA. The award was presented at the 75th All India National Seminar of IEDRA held on 7th February 2015 in New Delhi.

  • Parnandi Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd (PTS) is nominated for the "Pride of India" award from Citizen Integration Peace Society at the Seminar on National Unity and Industrial Growth on Sunday, 24th May, 2015 in New Delhi.

=> ISO 27001:2013 certification is under process.

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